Quality Policy


Jirawala Alloys Inc is a leading global supplier of Speciality Products!

Quality is our primary priority, and we have rigorous mechanisms in place to ensure that we maintain our reputation as a top-notch product supplier. Because of our greater on-time and defect-free delivery, we've been a leader in our area. Our clients' supply and delivery deadlines are extremely important to us. Our personnel are regularly trained and developed to act in the most ethical manner possible. We first understand our client's expectations, and then we work to identify any quality concerns and ensure that appropriate activities, such as technology development, are taken to address them.  Our performance and delivery are tracked and monitored. This is a purpose-built employee ownership structure that instils pride and ownership in our extraordinary collaboration. As part owners of the company, team members share a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. 

Our sophisticated equipment and unique floor and engineering systems enable us to manage both major and minor supplier runs. Maintaining a supply advantage throughout the process allows for thorough quality control and full service support. We encourage open dialogue and the formation of mutually beneficial business relationships.  Our crew is well-informed and continues to receive training in order to take advantage of the most recent industry innovations. To shorten the time it takes for all of our activities, we strive to develop and improve our methods.  Using this teaming technique, we can form a supportive partnership with our clients.